Wednesday, 31 May 2017

RTC kits for the ST/E/FM

RTC kits for the ST/E/FM etc now in my store. Install doc was done by Jonathan Whiteside .

I've not had chance to write the install docs myself, or work out cables etc, so the kit is supplied without as I know people have been waiting for this kit for ages. So rather than waiting longer, its now available "as is".

Battery is also not included as there is so many problems with shipping batteries these days its just not worth the hassle. Its a common battery so everyone should be able to obtain it easily anyway.

The kit is pretty expensive due to the higher price of the RTC IC itself. The price of the kit will likely rise a fraction if I ever get around to sorting cables out for the kit. Though it depends on demand if these kits get produced again or not anyway.
Install page

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Axial capacitors

In light of Axial capacitors being harder to find, not very good spec, or simply stupid prices, I came up with this little adapter board design.

The cost cost of the "kit" turned out a lot higher than I had initally thought and thus did not intend to put this into production. Though several people expressed interest in these, so I made a few up which are now available in my store. 

The main challenge was finding some small enough capacitors with a good enough ESR rating. The 4,700uF capacitors are used on my Atari's from the ST to STE, to Falcon so this design is a one size fits all type solution, at least for the 4,700uF value.

The overall size of the board isn't any larger than the existing axial capacitor. While the 4,700uF original probably has a pretty bad ESR figure, my boards value is 5,440uF @ 7.6Amps.

I tested this on a STE motherboard and it really helped with stability , in particular the floppy drives motor generally casues a dip in voltage and this simple board helps reduce that and increases stability of the system overall.

I am also aware of many other axial's from 2,200uF down to 100uF (and possibly lower on the Falcon). Smaller boards could be done to replace them all with basically ceramic based cap-boards. At least then they would never degrade over time like electrolytics do. This is on my "to do list" but likely isn't going to be done any time soon.

Direct store link

Monday, 29 May 2017

New 1MB 30pin simms designed by exxos in 2017

I did a set of these as I basically wanted a set of lower power consumption Purple Simms :)

It was more a bit of fun than anything. Though I have found that finding such simms are becoming harder and harder to find, in particular UK/EU. Mostly they are used and prices are only going up as time goes on.

I personally got tired of hunting around for simms, ending up ordering them form the USA and paying lots of postage all the time, and then having to wait weeks for them to turn up.  So I thought it would be wise to design one for the future anyway :)

I had a fair few people express interest in these and also people wanting to resell them. I only built a couple of sets up for myself and didn't think anyone else would want them.  So I have decided to put these into production and will be available in my store in due time :)

I have been asked about creating other simms. Such as 4MB 30pin simms. Though While I could easily do that, I never found 4MB simms sold in my store :(  So I am reluctant to invest in any other simms at the moment.  Also I have no way to test 4MB simms and wouldn't like to sell such things as "untested".

I have a lot of STE's needing these simms myself. So being able to manufacture them in my workshop makes life a whole lot easier for me :) Of course those who want to support my projects will buy my simms and not "elsewhere" :)

Direct Store Link.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

New batch of PSU's in the making.

About 15 PSU's will be split between ST & Falcon, 240, 120V versions.

There will be another 15 (or thereabouts) after these, Though those boards currently only have the SMT parts soldered on.  It will likely be a few months before the next batch is done.

The ST types are sold as shown in the image (basically read to use PSU board).  You will need to "swap" the PCB on your old PSU to the new board as shown in the image.

The Falcon PSU is more expensive but also has the motherboard PSU connector fitted. You will still need to re-use your old PSU and swap the board like the ST one.

Of course, the ST PSU is cheaper, and if anyone wants to fit the connector themselves then they are free to do so :)  The ST and Falcon PSU's are the exact same board. So are interchangeable.

Please keep a eye on my stores PSU section for availability and prices. It may even be next year before I start the second batch of these. They are very time consuming to build!

Falcon PSU

More PSU information

Blog Created 28/05/2017 :)

Here I will post progress of what my activities are each day/week/month.  Rather than posting on various forums and groups (which is taking its toll on my poor fingers), I plan to just post progress on this blog page.

This way people can share my posts across the groups for me and it also gives a much better Central news page of what I am working on.

I hope this way it will also solve the constant repeat questions of "when will this or that be done" or "what is the status of project xyz" as everything will be posted on the blog.  People can search the blog for things like "PSU" and see the latest work on various PSU related posts.

I can't say what will and won't be posted.  there might be posts each day, or each month ,depends what I am working on (if anything).  Some posts might be really interesting, some might be totally dull and not worth reading.  I don't plan in writing pages of progress each day (I simply don't have time for one thing) but I do hope to keep people better informed of various things.

While I allow comments on my blog, any "negative" type comments or peoples "opinions" are not welcome here.  There are forums full of peoples "opinions"  already. If you don't like something, please click the "x" button and move on thanks.

I have a donate page for those who want to contribute a few cokes to my cause. Though I do encourage people to buy items from my store :)

My store prices are never going to be as cheap as other sources, though please know that I have to generate revenue to run my server and site plus I have spent over £10,000 in parts relating to Atari projects over this past year alone. This revenue has to be generated somehow and my webstore is how I do it.

As I said a million times before.  My Atari work is funded by sales in my store.  It's the only way I can generate enough capital to fund all the work I do.  So please consider making a purchase and help future developments :)

Also HUGE THANKS to everyone who has made a purchase from my store.  I wouldn't be able to continue my work if it wasn't for you!


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