Monday, 21 August 2017


After much consideration for almost 2 years now, I have opened up my own forum.

This forum is for current hardware developments of mine (but can include 3rd party stuff also) and to offer support for my products.  There will also be general hardware fixes and tweaks and repair guides among other things.

I decided to open this forum as my blog was a bit to limited to do what I want.  My website holds a lot of information, but didn't really fit to a blog of daily or weekly announcements or activities. A lot of my blog posts just become "lost" over time with no real way to organise or find posts. I feel a lot of good information is just being pushed out of existence! A forum would allow me to do much more and fill in the gaps for support between my blog and website.

Other groups and forums I may use have just become to much trouble to keep track of things. People are making repeat suggestions all over the place and I can't keep up with it. Not only that, people are just repeating the same things over and over which just becomes annoying after a while. So if people have suggestions for something like the STFM remake project, then post on my forum!

There is also the countless emails I get each week, where basically I am just repeating myself on the same subjects over and over.  Mostly such people try to get help on forums, then give up and email me directly for help.

Overall, a new support portal is needed to centralise all my work and offer support to people. This way, rather than repeating myself to various people on various topics, people will be directed to my forum instead.  So when I reply, other can benefit from the reply.  This will save me a lot of work long term.

The forum rules are strict and we will not tolerate any BS , negativity, or arguing with others. I am personally sick to death of all the negativity and BS on other forums that I rarely go on other forums any more.  Forums are supposed to be a fun friendly place and I just don't see that any more with any forums, not just Atari ones.  Far to many people have left because of such issues, including myself and nothing ever gets done about it.

Its 2017 and its time to start over.  Lets get back to quality work and make new friends, learn new things and help each other.  Leave all the negativity and BS at the door!

My forum will be WIP (work in progress) for some time while I update it. I hope others will join and help make the forum a success!




  1. "The forum rules are strict and we will not tolerate any BS , negativity, or arguing with others."

    What amazes me more is that there are people who are on these forums and there doing really personally arguments, nothing to do with the computer(s) or the site at all, it's like the just found a forum and decided to go start a fight for some reason.

  2. I was on the "money saving forum" a few years back, asked something simple, just had several people lay into me really bad about everything I said. Couldn't believe it.

    They just hang around on forums looking for arguments, really nasty people!

    Then threes those people who are really good at twisting anything anyone says into someone else which backfires on the person who said it. They be good as lawyers!

    Years ago we just used to have the odd troll or trouble makers, now they taken over! I see it all the time, any group any forum any subject. One person says something, several flame them down.

    One guy was posting that someone had parked in the pickup point in Asda carpark, nobody around near the car. Poster was annoyed about it, annoys me as well , theres only like 3 spaces and someones parked there cos they can't be arsed to park in the proper carpak. Then several people flame that person down for being a unreasonable git and to stop moaning over nothing, get a life etc etc. Well that pisses me off as well as I have to block the carpark exit to park my van to load my trolley loads of stuff into the back cos some arse has parked in the pickup bay. Yet somehow, its the person complaining about its fault in all this..

    Really don't know what the hell is wrong with people anymore. As you know, people on drugs is on the rise, its gone out of control. Nowheres safe anymore from assholes.

    Last thing I said was when we moved house 4 months ago, I siad its not normal with all the crime and such going on in area. I got flamed down by people saying im being a ass and all areas have issues, its just normal. Well someone getting stabbed, killed, raped, mugged every hour in a small town is not normal in my book.

    I travel to a lot of towns with work, talk to a lot of people, I know fully well whats normal, and murder is not a normal part of everyday life in a small town.

    I was told good riddance and the town would be better off without people like me, as people like me give towns a bad name by mentioning all this stuff.. like WTF ?! Theres a post like every hour of chaos of people who are pissed off with it all, and yet somehow its my fault more and more people are on drugs stabbing and killed people. More and more is making it into the papers lately as well, not just on group posts.

    Thankfully my girlfriend has moved somewhere quiet now. Where I live is quiet, nothing happens here much. So at least get some quiet. I checked out my girlfriends new towns group page, worse thing I could find was a cat stuck up a tree in a whole week. Thats normal to me. not 20 murders a week.

    Overall, it was idiots galour, get them on the street, online, the bit inbetween is the motorway where I have to avoid collisions with speeding idiots not looking whats going on. Mixed in with people who are incapable of using headlights correctly and blind everyone. Can't get quiet in any direction anymore.

    So, I build my own little online empire instead. Somewhere quiet. if people become an ass, they get banned, problem solved.

    There is enough BS in day to day life without coming home to relax and do hobbies only to end up with more BS from people online.