Wednesday, 25 October 2017


With my new forum now be able to do a lot more than my blog, I think it is unlikely I will continue to update my blog from now on.

My daily activities & latest news are now posted on my forum.  A lot of my blog posts have been transferred the forum already, so no content will be lost :)

I did wonder about continuing to update my blog, but I do not really have time to run a blog and forum. The forum can do a lot more anyway, so while I like the blog, there is no real use for it any more.

It of course was rather short lived blog, but as the blog software is basically awful to use and buggy, I just do not want to continue fighting with it any more.

As mentioned before, I am finding it increasingly difficult to type, and even writing a few lines can become agony. So having all my work centralise and all my posts and help centralise on the forum will help reduce the amount of typing I have to do and ultimately and hopefully, reduce my workload.

I am using voice recognition mostly now it is allowing me to continue replying to people's emails and questions. But obviously, if all this correspondence can be posted via my forum, the information will help others in the future most likely. This ultimately will save me having to reply similar questions time and time again.

So please everyone who is reading this, please head over to my new forum instead :)

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  1. Short lived but look what it did in that short time, the info on here is valuable too.

    Never knew you was that ill to that point of not typing that's really bad and must be interfering with everything in life since the whole world demands we be online now.