Saturday, 17 June 2017


UBE ( Universal Bad-ass Equipment ) Video Switch by Urban Jonsson.

While my blog was aimed at my own personal progress on various hardware items, I felt this video adapter deserved some love on my blog as it is somewhat unknown still and I feel a lot of people will find this adapter very useful.

This well built compact PCB plugs into the ST/F/E video port and outputs to a VGA connector so you can plug it into monitors which will accept the ST's video resolutions.

It has 2 selector switches on the side. One to select HIGH RES mode on/off. The other switch to select audio/video on the yellow RCA jack.

My TV did not much like the ST's videos mode much so I wasn't able to test low res modes. Though high res worked resonbally well and gave a nice monocrome output.  My digicam for some reason made the grey background look blue, but its actually grey! So neither my TV or digicam really does the UBE Switch much justice :(

The board also holds 3 trimmer resistors to alter the RGB levels. One thing which annoys most people is the lack of adjustment for overall "brightness". Where people normally end up in the situation of "to dim" or "to bright". Well this kit has the option for everyone to set it themselves! So win-win everyone is happy!

Overall the board is very neat and mine came assembled, and the soldering is really good quality as well. I really like the compact design and also the connects are ancored into the PCB properly to provide strain releif. So none of this risk of connectors comming loose and ripping tracks off like most boards seems to trend as these days. So geek points there for quality and attention to detial!

Urban has published the board under Github as a open source project. Though if he gets enough interest them he may consider selling kits or fully assembled boards.




  1. I have to say that is a pretty awesome idea :)

  2. I have one connected to a Dell 2001FP - that is - a 15KHz capable flat screen monitor :) All resolutions look perfect. Can't see any interference in the picture from the adapter either.

    Heads up; he has a new even more magic version in the works.

    1. How did you get one then? Mates rates? Looks nice, I would suggest it should be cased but that looks awkward to design a 3d printed case for it! I think I want one!!

    2. He got is as a token of appreciation for his long service within the community. ;)